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Creative Riot was conceived when, as students of Computer Science, we decided we wanted to solve pressing problems that enterprises and
small businesses alike encounter each day. Through elegant software. With a singular, borderline-fanatic focus on user experience.

We like to think we're harbingers of an inexorable wave that we've christened "Simple Enterprise Software".

And we're convinced it's not an oxymoron - it's the future.

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Meet The Team.

Noel Sequeira
CEO, Co-Founder

Sameet Singh
Chief Software Architect, Co-Founder

Amith George
CTO, Co-Founder

Prakhar Verma
Head of Sales, Co-Founder

Patrick Mathias
Chief Mentor

Patrick Mathias has over 21 years of experience in the Indian IT industry with Wipro, Intel and Cisco. He is currently a Vice President at Cisco Systems heading the western region business for Mid Market & SMB. He also leads the India Data Center Strategy for Market Customers.


Every once in a while, we take a break from work to scratch an itch that's been bothering us for days, or dust off an old weekend project that we'd shelved for a while, or just dive into a new programming language and crank out some code. Creative Riot Labs is where we incubate these little projects, obsess over them and share them when they're ready for the world to take a look.

Watch this space.

Creative Riot Software

Creative Riot Software
614, Haware Infotech Park,
Sector-30 A, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400703.
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We're Hiring!


Are passionate about high quality product development (web, desktop and mobile) through rapid iterations, with a laser focus on design and user experience. We settle for nothing less than clean code and fully embrace YAGNI, both as programmers and as a business. We believe in taking a pragmatic approach to software development and do not restrict ourselves to specific stacks and tools. Customer requirements & agile practices direct development. We work with the following platforms / technologies / tools:

  • Web Dev - ASP .NET MVC / Rails / Javascript (jQuery / Node.js / Backbone.js / CoffeeScript)
  • Desktop Dev - .NET WinForms / WPF / Win32 APIs / Python
  • Mobile Dev - (iOS, Android SDKs / jQuery mobile)
  • Backend - SQL Server / MySQL / Non-Relational Databases / Memcached
  • DAL - NHibernate / Entity Framework 4.0 / LINQ to SQL
  • TDD - NUnit / RSpec / Cucumber
  • Workflow - Git / NAnt / Capistrano


Are someone who's smart and gets things done, and

  • Possess an in-depth knowlegde of either C# / Ruby / Python (a deep understanding of Javascript is a huge plus)
  • Get version control and have experience working with *nix systems
  • Have developed and deployed web applications before and have been exposed to REST / APIs / Async IO / Caching etc.
  • Have worked (extensively) with relational and (hopefully) with non-relational databases

We love autodidacts as much as we do college grads (probably more), so don't let your lack of a conventional education hold you back. We're not big fans of the resume - what we'd like is a link to something you've built. Send us an email at to apply, and you'll hear from us within a couple of days.

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